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Dated: 08/22/2019

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Selling Your Home Today – 3 Most Dangerous Pitfalls

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Selling your home today could be a daunting task. These are some of the most dangerous pitfalls that a home owner is faced with when making this serious decision without checking all aspects of the home selling process:

1. Allow the media and technology to brainwash you into thinking that Zillow,, Redfin etc.,  are competent real estate companies, working for you to save you money, while in fact these are media companies in the business of making money>>> for their investors. So, you decide to “save” money and let them sell your home. Your home becomes one of millions, instead of 1 in a million. We have all heard the jokes about the legendary inaccuracies of the zestimates or any other computer-generated home-valuations, off by 20-30%. Even if your home is in a master-planned community with 3 similarly looking model homes, your home is as unique as you. It deserves to be priced correctly, to be “special”, to stand out as it is the best in your neighborhood. Unfortunately, this is not the case here, your home sells for $20,000- $200,000 less due to a computer error or becomes a “market stat”. Remember these important details the above mentioned online media companies cannot take into consideration when giving any information on real estate: #1, real estate is very local and very specific- as specific as a certain street in a certain neighborhood may be, or as the circumstances of each sale, or the motivation of both parties, driving each sale. #2, your home is as unique as you are. #3 there is no online service that can deliver to you accurate, real estate data as they can never connect all the dots. And, as it is with statistics, if you do not connect all the dots so that you then analyze and deliver correct information, you are a …Zestimate. Only a human being, familiar with the area your home is located, equipped with enough professional skills, inventory and product knowledge and experience can perform such task.

2. Or, you are a smart seller who recognizes all of the above-mentioned media traps and have made up your mind that you are not going to leave the serious decision of selling your home to chance and online services. Instead you are interviewing real estate agents. Where do you begin? Phone book -nope, we don’t do this anymore. So, you look at all of these billboards and bench ads, featuring perfectly groomed and coiffed realtors, proclaiming that they are #1 agent and you should hire them. Or you see all of their “for sale” signs and you are convinced that you are making the right choice hiring them.  Sounds like a pretty good choice, but did you check how are they planning to market your property? Are they going to implement a most aggressive marketing campaign to ensure showcasing and featuring your property like #1 in a million, or will they feature themselves on a new bench, bus or billboard as #1 realtor? Will they spend real money on hiring a team of professional photographers, videographers, copy and feature writers to tell visually the story of your home, or will they consider their “not so smart phone” to be good enough to take a couple of shots and upload to the MLS. Or, did you check how many of their listings did not sell and expired? At least, you must have checked their online reputation, such as Google Reviews, or even Zillow- at least, that’s pretty accurate.

3. Maybe, your nephew or their friend just got a real estate license and, listing your home with them looks like a great idea as you will be their first client and they will work for you 24/7 as opposed to being one of millions or hundreds above. Maybe, you are right. Yet, think about this: have they seen every house on the market in your neighborhood for the last several years? Have they analyzed and successfully deciphered the biggest secret of all, why one of your neighbors to the right, sold their home in 5 days for $67,000 more than your neighbor to the left whose house has been on the market for 11 months and 18 price reductions already. The homes are seemingly identical yet… Or, maybe this newbie has mastered the online advertising, plus they have deep advertising pockets and your home will appear on the first page on every google search? Yeah, maybe.

What you should do: Do your homework, research extensively, ask questions-a lot of questions, all questions, then- research again, check answers, read real client reviews and testimonials- not the ones through paid ads and interview candidates.

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