Sea Turtles And Hollywood Beach What Is The Connection

Dated: 11/09/2019

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Sea Turtles and Hollywood Beach- what is the connection?

Did you know that Hollywood Beach is the designated Sea Turtle hatchery? And, that Hollywood Beach has a long history in sea turtle conservation? If you didn’t know and you want to learn more, that’s what we are talking about today and we are starting right now, so watch this video:

With over seven miles of pristine beaches, the urge to return to Hollywood year after year is undeniable. Hollywood's North Beach is a designated sea turtle hatchery. A preserve has been developed to protect our special visitors, the Sea Turtles. 

 Marine Environmental Education Center at the Carpenter’s House in Hollywood Beach

Today, we are visiting the Marine Environmental Education Center at the Carpenter’s House in Hollywood Beach, and I will turn it over to Taylor Apter so that we could learn a bit more about these magnificent creatures and the work being done at this center.

Sea turtles are one of the planet's most ancient creatures, having been around since the time of the dinosaurs- over 110 million years ago. Today, 7 different species of sea turtles live throughout the world and each has been classified as either threatened or endangered. 

Of these, 5 species of sea turtles call Florida's waters home and 3 of them, the loggerhead sea turtle, the green sea turtle and the leatherback sea turtle, nest annually on Broward County's beaches from April through September. 

Ispecies of sea turtles in Broward County Florida

Loggerhead sea turtle nests are the most commonly found in the area, historically accounting for over 90% of all sea turtle nests in Broward County. More interesting facts: nearly 90% of sea turtle nesting in the U.S. occurs in Florida. 

The City of Hollywood plays very important role in the protection and conservation of the Sea Turtles and actively embraces every opportunity to educate its residents and visitors. Residents and beach-goers are urged to be aware while visiting Hollywood Beach during hatching season, especially during the evening hours and cautioned if they see a large turtle coming ashore, to watch from a distance and avoid the urge to get closer. In addition to state and federal laws protecting sea turtles, the City of Hollywood has strong Ordinances on the books. Hollywood beachfront homeowners, businesses, hotels and condominiums are required to turn off or shield their lights from the beach during the sea turtle season, as artificial lights toward the west can confuse hatchlings and cause them to search for the ocean in the wrong direction. 

Broward County had a record-breaking sea turtle nesting season in 2016 with a total of 3,567 nests laid overall, making it the highest year on record since the Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program (BCSTCP) began counting nests in 1981. 

During Sea Turtle Nesting Season, from March through October, there is a team of volunteers along the entire coastline every morning at dawn from March to October looking for the signs of a mother sea turtle, that has come ashore to lay her eggs (anticipated around 80-100 eggs at a time). The volunteers then, protect the area by taping it off and post a sign noting the nest number for the season, type of turtle, and date of the laying.Some 65-70 days later those eggs hatch. 

Once in the water, the hatchlings swim directly out to sea, facing a perilous struggle to survive to adulthood. Scientific estimates indicate that only one in 1,000 hatchlings will survive (anywhere from 12-50 years) to become a reproductive adult sea turtle. Out of all those nests and all those eggs, maybe... just maybe one of these turtles will return in 25 years. They will then lay eggs some hundred or so yards from where they were hatched. 

- Members of the public wishing to participate in organized tours to witness the nesting ritual can contact the Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program at 954.519.1255 for information. 
- It is illegal to handle hatchlings if one is not permitted by the Fish and Wildlife Commission 
- No filming with lights or flash photography permitted on the beach during hatching and egg-laying.
- If members of the public see hatchling turtles heading in the wrong direction, call the STOP 24 hour emergency hotline - 954-404-0025 or on your cell *FWC 
- If sick, injured, or dead sea turtles are observed, call the sea turtle emergency response line at 954.328.058, Nova University.Resources: Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program at 954.519.1255 for information.

And, keep in mind: "We are not alone"!

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